TrustyPaws WordPress Theme

I’ve finished my very first theme that can be re-used by someone else! I chose to make a child theme of TwentyFourteen that comes with the default wordpress installation. That way I can take advantage of all the legwork done to make a sleek, responsive design, but geared towards small business websites. I like the Featured Content feature, but I had to make some tweaks so that the feature can be displayed on a static page as well as the Posts page. It is geared toward any small business website.

Here are the tweaks:

  • The whole site is centered
  • If you use a static home page, you can enable the ‘Featured Content’ on that page or your posts page. There are two options: Show Featured Content on Home Page and Show Featured Content on Posts Page.
  • New page template: ‘Full Width: No Left Sidebar’. You should use this one for a full width layout, not the one that comes with TwentyFourteen.
  • Custom Columns in Admin Lists. I added the template name when you’re looking at a list of pages, and the slug name when you’re looking at a list of posts in the Admin sections.AdminPageList
  • Separate Sidebars for Static Pages vs Posts Page I added support for separate widget areas, or sidebars for your Static Pages and your Posts page.SideBar-areas
  • Options for Meta Keywords and Description, and Google Analytics Code





TrustyPaws Small Business Theme

A Theme for Pet Sitters and other small businesses, a child theme of Twenty Fourteen. Supports Featured Content on the static home page and blog page.

Please leave a comment if you have any trouble with this theme, if you enjoy it, or if you have any suggestions!