Business Websites

For businesses who would like to create a website, update their existing website, or manage their presence on multiple social networking sites, contact us! The internet has matured over time and people expect a certain amount of professionalism and even interactivity from your website. Creating a well-designed website that is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly will greatly increase the chance that your business is listed in a search engine’s results (Google, Bing/MSN, Yahoo, etc.), thereby increasing exposure to potential customers. Due to the large amount of online searching for local businesses, getting your business listed in results is the best way to increase sales.

Please contact me if you are interested in web development or maintenance, or would simply like to network at

Social Media/Networking

Another great way to gain exposure is through social media — creating a Twitter account, Facebook page, LinkedIn, and Yelp for business reviews — and link to all of these from your business website so your customers can find out more about you. Doing these things is affordable and easy to do compared to traditional advertising, so they are a must for any small business, especially in a down-turned economy. But can take time to build your online presence and maintain your social media accounts.

Learn about social networking and how to use it to market your business.

Web Design/Development Companies

Need some help to get your business noticed on the web?