Adopting a Pet

Please consider adoption rather than buying a pet from a pet store. Pet stores often use puppy mills, which keep dogs used for breeding in very poor conditions. There are many reasons to avoid puppy mills. Please visit the Humane Society for more information.

Find the right pet for you by browsing through all available resources and considering all the responsibilities and commitments. Don’t limit your choices to just one place!

Please use the Pet Connection/Search feature to find local shelters and rescue groups near you.

How to Find the Right Pet for You

Simple Factors to Consider from Animal Outreach
Dog Breed Information on (Plus a Quiz to find the right breed for you)

Broader Search Websites – (search by location)

Dogs In Danger

Adoption Centers and Agencies in Ohio

Adopt a Pet Map of Columbus locations

Rescue Groups (Rescue Purebreeds)

Some rescue groups focus on a particular breed, so if you want a purebreed, you can still rescue one rather than buy from a pet store or breeder. If you do choose to use a breeder, please research them to make sure you find a reputable one.
Ohio Puppy Rescue
List of Rescue Groups by Breed