Latest Pet Industry Trends for 2010

Trends for the pet industry and services look promising for 2010. Read the article on

Some of the items they mention are:

  • Pet parents continue to spend on supplies and OTC medicine thoughtfully
  • Pet services for your pets continue to grow
  • Growing interest in pet health care
  • Pet businesses and non-profits thrive socially
  • Increased online sophistication from pet-related businesses in ecommerce, design, and usability
  • Pet-related blogs continue to grow their influence

I’ve also read that pet-related services are somewhat recession-resistant overall. I’m guessing it depends on the particular service though, whether people think it is a luxury.

Finding the Best Sites

As I mentioned in my first post, the number of websites out there with resources, advice, and pet finder services is overwhelming. With the increase in social and ecommerce sites, we’ll want to make sure it’s easy to find the websites with the best and most relevant information to what you’re looking for, and skip over the user-unfriendly or unhelpful ones.