Adopting a Pet in Columbus, Ohio

This is the first in a series of posts on some of the most popular topics related to pet ownership. Today I will provide some information on adopting a new pet in Columbus, Ohio! Since there are so many homeless pets out there, including purebreeds found in rescue groups, there really isn’t a good reason to buy from a pet store or breeder when you can adopt from a shelter or rescue group! It can be cheaper, you help reduce demand on puppy mills (thus helping to stop the cruelty found there), and you save a life! Please visit the Humane Society for more information on puppy mills.

Finding the Right Pet for You

Your pet will be with you for 15-20 years, so it’s important to spend the time and research thinking about the right pet personality that will fit with you and your lifestyle, and taking the time to find that perfect pet in the shelters. Think about what type of lifestyle you live: your activity level (most dogs require a lot of exercise), whether you have other animals or children, etc. Research the different breeds to get a general idea of what type of dog will be best for you. Be wary of myths, and remember each dog has a unique personality!

Search Nearby Shelters and Rescue Groups

I’ve created an online search to help get you started with finding shelters and rescue groups in the Columbus, Ohio area. View the details of the business to find the shelter’s website and links to any other websites where you can find reviews or social networking for the shelter. Visit the Pawfect Lounge: Pet Connection search site to get started.

Here are some other nation-wide online searches for animals for adoption (just enter your zip code to search locally):

If you’re looking for purebreeds, try these searches:

Fostering an Animal

View a PDF with information on becoming a foster parent to an animal!
Also, most shelters are looking for foster parents to help take care of the animals so the shelter doesn’t get too full.

Adoption Events

I noticed that Petco has an adoption weekend every month. When you adopt an animal during the event you get special discounts on food, additional programs and information! This month’s event is June 19th-20th. For more details, see In-Store Adoption Events.

I’m sure there are tons of other websites that provide searches for adoptable dogs, and shelters that aren’t listed on the Pawfect Lounge: pet Connection website. Please leave a comment if you know of one I missed!