About Trusty Paws – Web Development

Trusty Paws: Web Consulting for individuals and small businesses

I used to provide dog walking and pet sitting services, so I know how hard it is to stay organized in your business. Especially just starting out.   As a pet sitter you have potential clients and leads you need to follow up on, last minute visit requests, recurring visits, payments, forms, and marketing.  I realized my passion is not providing the services, but I love becoming more organized and finding ways that technology can help, and I want to help you do the same!   I provide resources, websites, and technology consulting for small businesses, including pet sitters to help them provide great services and focus on what they do best! For more information, see my Products and Services page.

For businesses who would like to create a website, update their existing website, or manage their presence on multiple social networking sites, my company, Mandato LLC provides customized web design and web development solutions at affordable pricing. Please contact me if you are interested in web development or maintenance. I would also be interested in developing customized software solutions, such as a mobile phone application, that meets your needs. I am especially interested in working with small restaurants, hospitality, or pet-related businesses, but I work with all businesses and individuals.

Looking for Volunteers? I may also be able to volunteer my web development skills and some of my time to help maintain and improve websites for animal shelters so they are easy to navigate and provide as much information on the available animals as possible.

What Technology?

I will work with clients to see where technology can be used to improve their business processes and provide great services to their customers. We will consider how a WordPress Blog, social media, Google Analytics, a mobile website, and/or phone apps can benefit and integrate with your business model, to help with marketing and connecting with current and prospective customers. They say it’s easier to keep an existing customer than to find new ones.  Let’s work together to do both!

To contact Trusty Paws/Mandato LLC or schedule a FREE initial consultation, view the Contact page.

If you have identified a problem or need in the pet-related industry that you think technology (website, phone app, etc) could solve, let me know and let’s discuss possible solutions!

I look forward to hearing from you!