Dog Training, Obedience, and Socialization

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Tips for Finding the Right Trainer

Dogs naturally want to be trained and seek guidance from their master. You and your dog will be happier if your dog is trained and recognizes rules and boundaries. Dogs are creatures of habit, so if bad habits develop early and are not corrected soon, it is harder to change them in the future. (Dog Training Guide)

First determine what type of training your dog needs

  • House rules such as no chewing or staying off furniture
  • Potty training/ being house broken
  • Crate Training – dogs naturally feel safe and take comfort in a small, enclosed area.
  • Leash Training – ensuring dogs do not pull on the leash, but walk calmly beside you.
  • Behavior Training/ Socialization – the most important skills to start at a young age and to correct problems as soon as possible!
  • Commands/Tricks – teaching commands and tricks will be much easier if your dog has basic obedience training.

Consider the methods of training available

  • Rewards – Most will advocate a mostly or all-reward method.
  • Punishment – usually not needed at all; definitely avoid harsh punishment.
  • Clicker training

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