Buying a Treadmill for Dog Exercise

If your pet dog is like mine, he can get pretty cooped up during the winter months when it’s too cold or snowy to go for a walk. I’ve seen on Caesar Milan’s Dog Whisperer TV show where they used a treadmill to help a dog use up some extra energy and get some exercise when it’s not feasible to go for a walk. Even if you do take your dog on a short walk every day, most dogs need more physical exercise than that. So a treadmill may be a great idea for both owner and pets!

Type of Treadmill for Pets

I took a quick look on Craig’s List for cheap treadmills and found some for very cheap. After looking around a bit, they could actually be manual treadmills versus motorized. I don’t think manual treadmills will work very well for dogs. I know it will take some time to get them used to any treadmill, but how would you get them to start and keep walking on their own? So I’m thinking electric, motorized treadmills would be best. They don’t need to have an incline or lots of options. Unfortunately the article on on the pros/cons of manual vs. motorized treadmills says that motorized ones go for $750 to $5000! Not quite in my price range. You may be able to find used ones for cheaper, though. Try Craig’s list, Ebay, and Manual treadmills are much cheaper and fold up for easier storage. They can be from $100 to $200 new.

Let me know if you have any comments on treadmills that are good for canine exercise!