Wedding Season Good for Pet Sitting in Columbus!

My brother’s wedding is coming up, so we will be going out of town and are unable to take Ty with us. We have decided to use the Petsmart PetsHotel like we have before. We’ve tried several different kennels, but always feel a little bad about keeping him away from home. We’ve never tried a pet sitter and know how hard it can be to trust someone. That’s why I started Trusty Paws Pet Sitting to begin strong relationships with pet owners and provide reliable care. When choosing a pet sitter, you need to make sure you discuss and check for certain things, like being insured and bonded. See a previous post Tips for choosing a Pet Sitter

Summer is wedding season and time for vacations!! If you will be gone for just a couple of days, such as going to a wedding out of town, it is a great opportunity to try a pet sitter. Trusty Paws is available on weekends and holidays, and weekdays after 5:30. See the page on Why choose a Pet Sitter for more information.

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